4 Clues indicating your Hot Water Heater is about to go

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4 Clues indicating your Hot Water Heater is about to go

When the hot water heater starts to go, it’s not just freezing cold showers to deal with, but possibly thousands of dollars in water damage.

Something as small as a failed safety valve can cause a 30-gallon water heater to explode and let loose thousands of gallons of water. The resulting financial hardship can be avoided by keeping an eye on your hot water heater.

Here are the top 4 clues that it could be time to get a new hot water heater:

1) TIME.

It’s been over a decade since you thought about your hot water heater and you use it A LOT. When you hot water heater is over 10 years old and you use it pretty often, it has already gone past it’s life expectancy. When you warranty has expired, it is a smart move to replace it with a new one (and a new warranty) or at the least start to inspect it regularly. Check it for leaks, flush the unit to remove built up sediment, and inspect the condition of the anode rod that protects your tank from rust. Sadly, if you don’t know the age of your water heater, it is most likely time for a new one.

Regardless of the age of your hot water heater, leaks are not to be taken lightly. A slow leak may not be spotted until it causes major structural damage to your home. A leak can release thousands of gallons of water in just a few hours! Indicators of impending leaks include visible corrosion, mold or moisture around the base of the water heater and/or the pipes going into it. It’s never a good idea to try and patch up a water heater. Replacing it is the better choice.


When you hot water tastes and smells like metal and/or has that orange-brownish twinge in color, it’s a direct clue that the inside of your hot water heater’s tank is corroding. Once that starts to happen, it’s nearly irrevocable.

If your hot water heater is only giving you a briefly hot shower, or just simply lukewarm water, its Burner or Heating element may be dying due to sediment building up in it or just plain old age. If the water is taking a long time to heat up, the heating element or the burner is on its way out. While you can replace these, it may not be worth it contingent on the age of your hot water heater.

We hope your hot water heater is not giving you any of these clues, but it is important to inspect your unit for any malfunctions. Water heaters replaced in a timely manner keep your hot water flowing without causing a dilemma.

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