When it comes to water heaters, there are a number of issues that can be the cause of a water heater to not work properly or not work at all. However, one of the issues is not something that may at the top of most people’s checklist: gas supply issues. Sure, you may check to … Read more


We love sharing photos of our latest installations and our happy customers! Seeing the customer’s face beam with joy knowing that hot water is flowing through their home again is one of our favorite parts of our job. Here are some of the water heater replacements that we have done in Fremont.

How to Drain a Water Heater

drain water heater

Did you know… you can flush your hot water heater once a month to remove sediment, scaley minerals, and silt? Most people do not flush their hot water heater tanks this often and some hot water heater users skip the flush completely! We recommend conducting this preventative measure and flushing your hot water heater tank … Read more

4 Clues indicating your Hot Water Heater is about to go

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When the hot water heater starts to go, it’s not just freezing cold showers to deal with, but possibly thousands of dollars in water damage. Something as small as a failed safety valve can cause a 30-gallon water heater to explode and let loose thousands of gallons of water. The resulting financial hardship can be … Read more

How Old Is My Water Heater? | FAQ FRIDAY VIDEO!

Who’s trying to figure out how old their water heater is!? Nick & Matt are back for FAQ Friday and that’s the frequent asked question that their answering for you today!! And if you have a question that you’re looking to get answered, comment below and well answer it in a future FAQ video! Enjoy … Read more


We get a lot of questions about hot water here at Water Heaters Only, which makes sense as we are the water heater experts, and one of the questions we hear a lot concerns hot water wait times. Specifically, people are tired of waiting for their shower to get hot. Not only that, but with … Read more

Fremont Review Round Up January 2016

Here’s yet again another one of our famous Review Round Up videos with our latest feedback. Please browse our videos or explore our website to find out for yourself why we are #1 at water heater repair & installation.