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Circulation Pumps In Hayward, CA.

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A Grundfos circulation pump

Hayward California appears to have always been a water-conscious city, and given that the state of California is perpetually experiencing a water issue, how could anyone think of anything else? We’ve all tried using a bucket of 5 gallons to collect the cold water while the shower is heating up, I’m sure of it. Being forced to move buckets throughout the house to water your plants is also annoying because nobody wants to use their bathroom with buckets. Fortunately, the recirculation pump can help with this issue.

Recirculation pumps are a device that circulates hot water that has just finished cooling back to the water heater for re-heating. These are typically installed at the appliance that is farthest from the water heater or on the cold side of the water heater. The location and method of installation of your circulation pump will often depend on your plumbing. Inside of dwellings, there are primarily two types of plumbing.

The first is a Direct loop. For the cooled hot water to return to the water heater and be reheated, the direct loop plumbing system has a direct return line. An integrated loop is the second form of plumbing loop that we frequently see in older homes. Through the already-installed cold lines, an integrated loop enables the reintroduction of the cooling hot water to the water heater.


Plumbing systems that are integrated are typically what we encounter. This is due to the fact that a full plumbing upgrade would be necessary if a dedicated were to be added after the house had already been completed.

A recirculation pump for your water heater is a terrific idea all around. With instant hot water, you may save about 30 gallons of water every day and your house will feel like a palace.

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